Christ Our Passover is a yearly event held in Huntsville, AL. It is organized by Awareness Ministry, directed by Pastor Robert Somerville. Eating together is the universal gesture of love and acceptance in every culture. The Kingdom of God is no exception, because through the blood of Christ we are all one. Sitting together at the table of the Lord demonstrates this common-union and oneness.


Jesus chose the Hebrew "seder" meal at His last supper to eat with His disciples, and the greater church of Huntsville Alabama has been coming together on a large scale to celebrate this meal for over 20 years! Every year since 2002, an average of 1,400 people have gathered in the local civic center (Von Bron Center) to honor the Lord's Passover.


Awareness Ministry is an international outreach that teaching the basic concepts of historic Judeo-Christianity. We declare the Lordship of Jesus Christ as the only begotten son of God, the promised Messiah and Savior of the world.


Robert Somerville is director of Awareness Ministry. Bob has been in the ministry for over 50 years, speaking throughout the United States and many foreign countries. His ministry is distinct in its "Judeo-Christian Restoration" concept. He maintains that the historic drift of the church from its Hebraic moorings and root system has left the Body of Christ in need of renewal in Judaic principles to bring it more in line with the nature and character of first century Christianity.

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